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Story Dated: 3.05.12

A moment {melbourne child and family photography}

“Seize the day, for the world is fleeting. In the eyes of the wise, the moment is better than the whole world”    Isfahan, Sixteenth Century

I’ve been thinking rather a lot lately about what it means to live a more fully present life.

As someone who tends to over-reach and over-schedule, both in my day-to-day, and in life overall, I am acutely aware of trying to squish as many things into my life experience as I possibly can. It’s also probably no coincidence that I am a photographer; an explorer and preserver of moments and memories.

This is a key reason why I love so much to photograph young families. Children, it seems, can only ever be present. They are exactly who they are right now, without compromise. They can be intensely emotional, and are capable of expressing that emotion without artifice, embarrassment or defensiveness. Children are explorers of everything. They are beautiful, pure, endlessly energetic. They are divine, but also the best and most precious of humankind.

Meet Lucy and Finn, and the people they love.


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