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Story Dated: 6.12.10

An absolutely ordinary rainbow [melbourne family photography]

My annual celebration of my sister’s beautiful family.

Shopping at Victoria Market, with bratwurst, coffee and donuts, is one of their favourite family traditions. So I tried to capture it for them, although in hindsight there was some level of distraction for me that I need to work on for next time….that is: having such a good time with the chatting and the cheese-tasting and the purchasing of delicious produce that I kept forgetting the taking of the photographs. Next time I shoot at the Vic markets I think I need to make a shopping visit first, so as to get that out of my system. At the moment on shoots I am always so thrilled to find myself out in the big world (as opposed to at home in the land of never-ending breastfeeding) that I am a bit more distractable and confused than usual. Which is really saying something.

Now, getting back to these people….Thank you. All of you. For being so kind and generous and beautiful and warm and funny and colourful and there is really not an adjective I could use that wouldn’t be appropriate. Thankyou even for living just a few streets away. You are everything to us, and we hope you have an amazing year. Santa will bring you all these and more in an album, although might take him til after Christmas to deliver it :)

Finally I want to mention that the picture quality on this blog continues to appall me despite my best efforts to work out what is causing it. I don’t have the same problem over on RedTelegram. Anyway, apologies.

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  • Love these Sarah – looks like you guys had so much fun together. Your sister is so much like you!!! Love the style of shoot!

  • Ohhh WOOOOW, Sarah, you are amazing. These photos are fabulous.
    How lucky is your sister to have you!

    They look like such a happy and beautiful family on a gorgeous day out.

  • Sar, I absolutley love love love them. Thank you so much for capturing these moments of joyous, casual, family time. Grocery shopping never looked so good! :) No cross faces and cross words, just beautiful photos we will enjoy forever. You are so clever and creative.
    Belle loved admiring herself and Mietta, but it was short lived, Angelina Ballerina just came on…..
    Thank you again for all of the beautiful photos you have taken of us. We are very lucky to have you and love you very much. Mwah. xx

  • Love these Sarah! I can see the gorgeous family resemblance.

  • what a fantastic series!!! looks like a fun day :)

  • Amanda Rynne on said:

    Sarah – what a wonderful series – you have captured the wonder of the place and the joy of a family tradition. Just love :-) (as usual)

  • I love this Sarah – I love it for the everyday, for the joy, and for the pleasure.

    Gorgeous family love :) x

    ( P.S. – your sister doesn’t half look like you ! :)


  • Gosh Sarah these are amazing! What a wonderful idea too! This will make a fabulous and MEANINGFUL album for your lucky sis and her family. And I am so chuffed to see that they KNOW how lucky they are to have such an amazing photographer in their family. These photos are awesome…every single one. XXX And your sis is beautiful…and looks just like you.

  • Oh…these are very, very special Sarah. They evoke the Vic Market experience perfectly with a fly on the wall view. Soooo familiar, every shot, as a trip to the market is something my own family loves, right down to the hot jam donuts (the best part of such outings). And of course the over-stimulated toddler over the shoulder – very familiar too. :-) Your sister does indeed look like you!

  • Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Love these sooooooo much as they are so “Prue & Corrado”. Such a beautiful family can’t wait till my two boys marry their two girls :-) (PS – As long as we don’t have to do the wedding photos!). Mwahhhhhhh xxxx

  • awesome… how adorable are those girls!!

  • These are amazing Sarah, you are such a fantastic photographer. I love your documentary style of shooting, the real emotion and real personalities just shine through. Your sister looks as lovely and wonderful as you!

  • What imagery! What vibrancy! What a gorgeous story!!! (And golly gosh your sister and you are SO alike.) Damn, I love this post Sarah x

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