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Story Dated: 20.06.10

Australian Professional Photography Awards [Melbourne award winning photography]

Just a little bit of self congratulation in today’s post :)

I have just returned from two weeks holiday in Queensland, so to my clients thankyou for your patience while I have been lying on the beach sunning myself, I am at my desk again now and fully back into work mode! In my haste to leave real life I neglected to modify my email auto-response, and so apologise to anyone who emailed me and wondered why they received no response at all for up to two weeks. Hopefully I have now responded to everyone.

While away I received the exciting news that I had received a Silver Award at the Australian Professional Photography Awards judging, held this year at PMA in Melbourne. I entered three prints, for the 2nd year running, and was pleased with all final scores, as these awards are judged by the most awarded and highly regarded photographers in Australia. Entering these awards is a fantastic learning experience and a great opportunity to grow skills and be exposed to, and judged alongside, the best in the Australian photographic industry.

I was equally pleased in April to enter the Victorian chapter of the same award process (for the first time) and also received a Silver merit.

Big thanks to the B family for allowing me to submit the following print to the award process…

xxx S


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  • Amanda Rynne on said:

    Hi Sarah
    Congratulations! I got to see the judging and thought these images may have been yours – how wonderful! There was some fantastic work and it was great to listen to the judging and see great work rewarded.

    From memory – did you print these on cotton rag? I saw so many images so I am not quite sure – I was wondering – if you did who you use for it as Bond don’t seem to have much range in their inkjet papers.

    Congratulations once again.

  • so well deserved – you know that you are completely amazing

  • Both of these are so wonderful – congratulations lovely! x

  • congrats Sarah!!! Such gorgeous images, I adore that second one!
    What a lovely thing to come home to from a holiday!

  • Oh Congratulations Sarah, you know I think you are wonderful! Well done!

  • Laura on said:

    It’s no surprise that you are, once again, brilliant at what you do!! Congratulations again lovely! Will catch up soon – before number four arrives….

  • Congratulations Sarah for your awards, well deserved and a wonderful achievement indeed.

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