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Story Dated: 25.09.14


If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely”

~Roald Dahl

It was an honour for me to capture the wonderful Peta Nikel, and her beautiful family, all the way from Tasmania, at St Kilda Beach recently. And I have to say, that sometimes a family strikes me as, well, extra particularly lovely.



Story Dated: 27.08.14

melbourne film family photography

I am now solely shooting film for all family, maternity, child, baby and newborn sessions. I hope my clients will love it as much as I do.

One hundred thankyous to this lovely family for allowing me to capture this next stage of their wonderful lives. So precious to be able to return to the same families year on year, to watch them grow, in centimetres, and in love.





Story Dated: 2.04.14

FIND [Film is not Dead] Workshop

I am increasingly moving towards film photography, , and recently attended the FIND (Film is not Dead) Workshop.

With so much thanks to the amazing and encouraging Jonathan Canlas, a great group of supportive and fun attendees, and our lovely and patient models!

Here some of the images I captured while in Sydney, on our 3 day workshop, I my Contax 645, an 80mm lens, and using a variety of film stock.


Story Dated: 22.10.12

Dreaming of ponies | melbourne and mornington peninsula family photography

Freezing cold, rain and a biting wind (aaah! Melbourne!)  could not dampen the enthusiasm of this beautiful family, who went to some lengths to include their daughter’s love of horses in their family photographs. Starting the session on St Andrews Beach near Gunnamatta, we abandoned soon after and found this gorgeous forest glade along the horse track. Where we were reminded  that the best way to keep warm is always just to snuggle in!









Story Dated: 12.08.12

11 on 11 | Personal Project | Images from Real Life

Hey there! Something a little personal from me today. Like many photographers, I struggle to find the time to take enough photos of my children. Besides the constant iphone images.

So one day every month, for the coming year, I am going to pack my 5DII (the ‘good’ camera; kind of like using the ‘good’ china for the Sunday Roast, vs the rainbow Ikea plates) for the day, and capture whatever it is we get up to for the day. The good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. The (mostly) beautifully ordinary. This month, I aimed to capture 11 images on the 11th day of the month (yesterday). There are just a few more than that, I dound it hard to cull any further. I was particularly attached to the least necessary of these images, the sink full of dishes. I do seethat is kind of whiney for me to include that one. But clearly I resent the amount of time which has to be spent doing these sorts of tasks, and I didn’t realise how much Until I was drawn to make this photograph instead spending more time outside kicking the soccer ball with Arch. Sometimes I can be a total martyr to the shrine of ‘how much work 4 children are’. But that is why a project like this is so great. It forces your attention to things just that little more. The good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. Hopefully more of the latter.

So yesterday was a quietish day for us. Just hanging about the house, and one little errand for us all in the car. Lots of Rupert our little swedish chef (‘eegadishgadoo” anyone?), unpacking and repacking various cupboards. Ball kicking, tidying of rooms, some games; we have a very mixed-age ‘cheese’ game where you fish for cheese and mice heads with little sticks.  The feature of the weekend has really been Estella’s practice for Monday’s cello exam. I think I have heard her 3 pieces so many times that I could give the exam a go myself. There have also been a few spectacular artist meltdowns which I photographed (much to the maestro’s annoyance) but decided not to share, out of respect :) That’s how we ended up with some selfies, Estella and I. We had to have a ‘big talk’ about exams, pressure, and the various meanings of success. Which led to cuddles and laughter at the end.

11 photos are not much to capture the busy-ness and beauty of our lives. But it also not such a huge challenge as to defeat me before I begin, as the 365 photo-a-day project is. Sadly, I have struggled to complete even January photo-a-day projects in the past. But I am hopeful that because this is only one day a month, there is plenty of time for recovery and image processing, despite how busy I get. I really want to have more family photo books in my home. For the kids to fight over, along with the good china, when they are shipping me off the nursing home. Wish me luck!

I am also keen to follow other photographers (whether professional or not) on this project, as these things are always more fun in groups! So far I am following my dear friend Angie Baxter, the gorgeous Rowe Timson and also El Hogan (who I don’t actually know IRL ***waves hello to El***) but if you would like me to follow you too please pop your blog address in a comment below and I can’t wait to join in your fun!

Speaking of lamb roasts, I’m off to enjoy one now. Yum!

Story Dated: 25.01.12

January 20 {One photo every day: January 2012}

This photo is a little cheat. It was taken on the 19th, not the 20th. On the 20th I photographed a wedding, which did not leave terribly much time for anything else.

Since I am cheating, I chose something special to cheat with. No headswapping, no pleading to look and smile at the camera. Just four perfect children, who really do love each other this much.

Story Dated: 20.01.12

January 17-19 {One photo every day: January 2012}

Day 19: A Boy Went Walking

It’s a little shaky, it’s a little awkward, but just like that, my baby has turned into a toddler.

Congratulations my darling.

Day 18: Fish and Chips…

…on the beach, just before sunset.

A calm, beautiful evening. They chase each other in and out of the dunes, and jump and sing and dance, and later with full tummies they sit agreeably in the grass and snuggle, so that I may capture it with my camera. Do they love each other more than other siblings, or am I just blinded by love?

Day 17: India

Estella loves animals. She has a pet bunny, named India, and two little guinea pigs. She would desperately love a dog. Or a cat. And most especially, a pony. She sometimes goes horse-riding, and asks afterwards “Mum, can we buy **insert current favourite pony name here**”. Um, no?

She regularly catches all sorts of insects and little skinks, and feeds and inspects and loves them for a little while before we gently suggest letting them be free again. And she understands that too.



Story Dated: 16.01.12

January 15-16 {One photo every day: January 2012}

Day 16: Changing

We have had a change table in constant use now for 9.25 years. This morning I looked over, bleary eyed, watched the little legs kicking, and the little arms reaching up for Daddy, and realised that it won’t be too long now ’til that phase of our lives is over. When it happens, I know that for a while the the room will seem a little empty, but I’m not ready to think too much more about that, yet.


Day 15: Cake.

I only took two photographs today, one of which is this slightly blurry photo of a magnificent Halva Torte concocted by our friend Megan. I guess it’s a pretty lazy photo, and I was tempted to substitute in something a little more exciting from a previous day. I took it because Megan wanted a photo of her creation. But in all honesty, one of the features of our Januarys is the consumption of a great deal of exceptionally delicious food. Last night’s group menu included, among other things, slow cooked pork ribs, a quinoa and nectarine salad, a prawn and herb salad (from a recipe by Melbourne’s Longrain) prepared by our friend Renee, and two kinds of ice cream (made in my new ice-cream machine).  The decoration alone on this cake includes a chocolate ganache, lime encrusted pistachios, edible rose petals and pomegranate seeds. Seriously, it is gluttony over here, and it should be stopped. I have no pants that fit.

Images above taken with a Fuji X100. All images are shot as jpg files, with no post production