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Story Dated: 1.03.11

Wedding of Sara and Adrian [melbourne wedding photography]

Kim and I have another beautiful wedding over on the Red Telegram website, so please head over and enjoy the beautiful day that was Sara’s marriage to Adrian.

In other news, after spending the last 6 months getting to know Master Rupert and coming to terms with life with 4 children, I am slowly (sloooowwwwly) returning to work on portraits (as well as working on some behind the scenes changes to Sarah Black Photography), so stay tuned for some gorgeous family sessions here and please get in touch now if you are interested in an Autumn portraiture session with your family, places are very limited.

Story Dated: 17.10.10

There’s no place like home [melbourne family photography]

I really love to photograph families in their homes. Our homes are so much a part of the life of any family, particularly for those of us with young children; we spend so many hours on trampolines, in cubby houses and hanging from Hills swing sets. I photographed this beautiful family at home a few months back now and as you can see this beautiful environment really is filled up with the love and laughter of its tiny inhabitants.

H family, it was truly a joy to meet you all, and spend some time making these memories for you. And Gab, I am beyond thrilled to have met you again and see what a wonderful family you have created. I am so happy for you!!

So, to everyone else, Happy Monday, and welcome back to more spring-like weather (at least until we get our roof fixed please)!


Story Dated: 21.05.10

Dance With Me [daylesford wedding photography]

K and D were recently married in a very private and exceedingly beautiful ceremony, in Daylesford. Surrounded by close family and friends, and set in the stunning grounds of The Convent (my first visit, and hopefully not my last) on an early autumn day that really was wedding perfection.  K was such a gorgeously low-maintenance bride, giving herself a scant 15 minutes to dress while she scurried around organising things up until the last moment. You’d be none the wiser if I hadn’t mentioned that though, how gorgeous does she look? The camera really did love her, as you can she, and the newlyweds were just so natural and relaxed with each other, and truly wrapped up in the romance of the day. It’s all a wedding should be, really.

xxx Sarah


One of the highlights of the evening, was the most fantastic Fred and Ginger bridal routine I have ever seen, which just brought the room down, as you can see. A wonderful surprise for all their loved ones, you could see the hours of practice and love which had been poured into putting together this dance, which was step-perfect (or looked it, to my untrained eye). I had to remember to keep pressing the shutter, and not just stare in amazement. I could also sense the thrill of the family and friends watching, which I wanted to capture too, and had to wait until the last moment before running around to photograph their reaction from the opposite direction, without interrupting the show.22-w-e-sb1223-w-e-sb924-w-e-wedding-apr10-422

Story Dated: 30.04.10

The Wedding of Chris and Bron….The Details [melbourne wedding photography]

Sigh. Some more photos of this beautiful wedding, which justifies a second post not only because it is so beautiful, but because of the incredible love and hours which went into its creation. I won’t repeat any photos already blogged, but there are just so many more which I just adore and which I had to show, and I know it’s hard to believe but I culled more favourites to shorten this post, including a totally fun series where the wedding guests all wrote post-wedding messages of love and hilarity on the little blackboard!!). I’ve also chosen not to show any photos of the ceremony here, even though in my mind that is always one of the most important parts of the day, only because I am sharing just so much of these guys’ wedding they may just want to keep a little bit of it for themselves…

So sit back, grab a cino and enjoy, (and if you missed the other posts, go here and here)…….

PS. Please note these photographs are the combined work of Kim Selby and myself. If you are planning a wedding in 2011 or beyond, and our photography (Kim’s and mine, that is) appeals to you, you just might want to check this out…(wedding photography is now booked out for 2010).


Story Dated: 19.04.10

The Wedding of Anna and Paul [melbourne wedding photography]

The atmospheric and beautiful Abbotsford Convent, in Melbourne’s Collingwood, was the setting for the recent wedding of Anna and Paul. Kim and I felt privileged to be able to capture such a beautifully emotional day, with many guests having travelled from as far away as Scotland to be there to witness this stunning wedding. Personal touches, such as the bagpipe player, made this ceremony so special, and Melbourne really turned on some spectacular weather to top off a perfect afternoon.

So please join with me in congratulating this beautiful couple, and wishing them a lifetime of happiness. It might also be helpful for us all to wish for the speedy dispersement (is that a word?) of volcanic ash around Iceland, so that the European relatives may one day be able to finish with the wedding celebrations and head back home. Or perhaps just leave your tourism tips as comments, to help them fill in the time until the planes are flying again.

PS. Thanks to school holidays (ok, which I secretly luuuuurrvve), and just life in general, solidly abetted by my quickly-expanding belly, I am still so far behind in blogging and answering emails, so please bear with me if you can, I thank you soooo much for your patience, and I am getting to everything/one just as quickly as I can.

***Please note, the following photography is the combined work of Sarah Black and Kim Selby***


Story Dated: 30.03.10

Under manna gums and grass trees [mornington peninsula wedding photography]

The wedding of Bron and Chris. Where to start? This beautiful wedding, attended by Kim and I on Saturday on the Mornington Peninsula, is one we have so looked forward to. As anyone who has met me during their wedding planning can attest, the highest compliment I can pay any wedding is to say that it was personal. For all those involved in putting together this amazing event, it was so personal that I am sure they have since spent all week recovering. A magnificent marquis was erected on the stunning property at Howard’s Hill in Boneo (near Cape Schanck), lounge areas were created, flowers and personal touches overflowed every corner, a children’s table adorned one end of the room laden with art and craft fun, and the food was almost entirely organised and prepared by Chris’ mother and family. The bonboniere, magnet buttons made from individually selected vintage fabric, hung from a little washing line, and matched the buttons hand applied by Bron to the lounge sofas. Oh, the detail! And all of it was just so so perfect. There will be photos soon of all this gorgeousness, in a longer blog post, but for now I have just picked out some beautiful images to share with Bron and Chris, before they leave for 8 weeks in EUROPE tomorrow!!!

Have an amazing honeymoon you two, and get yourselves to an internet cafe in a few weeks, when the whole gallery will be ready for you to see. Perhaps one overlooking the Eiffel Tower, just to complete the romantic scene.


Story Dated: 9.03.10

What life is sometimes like. [melbourne engagement photography]

I left home for this session in the pouring rain. I waited for half an hour before the session start time in this spectacular location, in the pouring rain. I called Kim, my wedding photography partner extra-ordinaire, and asked her to check the radar on the internet, and also to look out the window in Woodend and give me the prognosis: POURING RAIN.

And then, this beautiful couple arrived, with their gorgeous dog, vintage bicycle, fruit and inimitable sense of fun and a connection with each other which was truly a joy to witness. The rain stopped, the light was like milk, and for an hour and a half it was all about the love.

Ain’t life grand?