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Story Dated: 8.06.12

Colour Your World {melbourne family photographer}

A little unusually, this lovely dad rang to organise this family’s session. Upon meeting the three beautiful women in his life, immediately I understood why. They are so gorgeous, and lively, and a little exotic in a way that’s hard to define. I can see how they really do colour dad’s world (putting me very much in mind of the John Mayer song about daughters and women).

Thankyou so much lovely W family, and I hope you love your preview and the full gallery!

Xxxx Sarah

PS. We wanted to pick a location that not only would give us lots of lovely autumn colour, but which would also accommodate a motorised pink Vespa. And not have too many people around. Kind of a tricky ask in the usual places in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs. I think it’s safe to say that this is as off-road as that vehicle is ever likely to get. We had so much fun with that Vespa, I may or may not have spent an hour googling where to buy such a thing the night after this session.

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