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Story Dated: 21.05.12

More than enough [melbourne newborn and family photography}

I feel very blessed that many of my little newborn clients are not firstborns, but often have a beautiful not-so-big brother or sister for me to meet (or become re-acquainted with).

When I visit these homes to me they seem especially full of life, and love. Cuddles and giggles go hand in hand with singing lullabies and a gentle shushing. Mum and dads are busy, yet there are always plenty of kisses to go around. And then there is the proud excitement of the newly promoted 2 year old, who knows that something very special has been given to him, even if he doesn’t quite understand it yet.

I sometimes hear parents say that two is more than enough; indeed, what more could there be than this?

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  • Bec Brindley on said:

    Sarah these are so gorgeous! Aww love them! Big bro is such a happy little man and I just love their new additions hair :)

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