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Story Dated: 17.06.12

Summer Dreaming { Melbourne Family Photography}

Well, if you’ve seen any of my facebook moaning this past week…..s…… you’ll know that I have been poorly. For 3 long weeks I have coughed and fevered and sweated and sucked passionately at various asthma devices. And then. Then my boys were poorly, but I was still poorly, and my girls also became poorly, and the boys were still coughing and everyone always has a temperature, and no one will eat, but they are all whining in a hungry sort of way, and the 9, 7 and 4 year olds simply cannot agree on a television program and then somebody wants to pause it while they go to the bathroom but the others simply can’t wait those 15 seconds and so up starts the wailing until Rupert whacks somebody in the nose with the remote and then oh the crying and the coughing!  OH MY LORD make it stop!!!!!!

So in my mind, I’ve gone elsewhere. Where the languid happy days of summer have carried us towards the end of January, the beaches are emptying out, and the sand holds the warmth of the long afternoon. The breeze is gentle, skin is lightly sunkissed, freckles and eyes sparkle. A simple beach picnic, fish and chips.  There are happy raucous games until sundown, and love flows as generously as light.

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  • I could never tire of looking at your gorgeous photos Sarah, and these are no exception. You have the most beautiful family and a perfect eye for capturing the love between your children. (and can i say it is dangerous me looking at these photos of your gorgeous 4 kids, it makes me want another baby or 2 lol, how much fun is it for your kids to have so many loving siblings!)

  • God I love your work Sarah! The feel of your images is just sublime. It’s so obvious that you shoot with your heart and you connect so completely with your subjects. I could spend hours looking through your blog and being taken away to gorgeous places, seen through your beautiful heart *sigh*.

  • Love these so much – I feel like I’m right there with you all. I hope these images are carrying you through what sounds like a super tough time, hopefully you’ll all be over the coughs and the splutters and the fevers, and all things otherwise, very soon. xx

  • Wistfully beautiful, and so lovely to see you all looking so happy and healthy again. oh gosh, i am so jealous that i don’t have a beach nearby – there is nothing better than eating fish and chips on the beach.

  • Adore, adore, adore. Beautiful inside and out.

  • Oh… so dreamy! I love these. You’ve reminded me to capture my own lovelies. I must. must. must do it. soon.

  • Absolutely stunning Sarah! LOVE all of them and your kids are beautiful.

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