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Story Dated: 24.05.12

Where the Heart Is {melbourne and mornington peninsula family photography}


A utopia both real and symbolic. Our refuge, our comfort, our solitude. Spiritually, the place where we can most be ourselves, where we belong, and are loved, more than any other worldly space. But also real environments that are ours to make our creative mark on, and to explore and develop our personalities in.

A beautiful place, growing beautiful people.

Xxxx Sarah



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  • Alejandra on said:

    Oh my goodness so many beautiful images, I love how you captured them at home, amongst their things. Such a good looking and happy family :) . Well done Sarah.

  • Oh My Sarah!

    I love love love this series.. the story inside as you get to know the children, and then the unbridled gorgeousness when you get them outside into that fantastic environment! and fields! and light!

    Just fabulous X

  • WOW! Amazing photos, Sarah! Love the lifestyle shots in the home and the light in the outside images is divine.

  • Wow Wow and Wow! Stunning images of a Stunning family in a Stunning location :) WOW x

  • Just beautiful Sarah! Your images tell a story so well and I’m sure this family are thrilled with these amazing images that tell of their love for each other and for life.

  • Loved this post. Such an wonderful home captured so beautifully and then the family portraits at the end documenting each of their individual personalities! Gorgeous session.

  • Oh Sarah, this is one of my favourite sessions of yours EVER! So much beautiful emotion, and the way you document their every day lives – what a gift. You are without doubt one of the finest family photographers in the country (and I am NOT biased). xxx

  • Oh my giddy aunt. Not only are these images SENSATIONAL, but I think I have found my new inspiration in children’s bedrooms!

  • How can I possibly express just how beautiful these are Sarah – INCREDIBLE….. Simply AMAZING

  • This is an amazing session Sarah. What a beautiful family and such an incredible home they live in. Perfection in a session, well done.

  • How fabulous!! Beautiful work.

  • oh LOVE, such gorgeous shots of a gorgeous family. Adore the names also…whats the little girls name? Ziggy and Gilbert LOVE!

    Beautiful clean real images.

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